It may be desirable to incorporate control devices in the expansion joint to prevent excessive displacement of the bellows and the relatively free pipe section between them. Figure B above show two forms of controls which may be used for this purpose. In the first figure, short bars are used spanning each of the bellows in expansion joint. Stops are provided on the bars so that, once the expansion joint has reached its rated lateral deflection, the stops will be engaged by members rigidly fastened to pipe portions of the expansion joint. The second figure shows a similar device adapted to an expansion joint with overall bars. The bar stops are engaged by a plate or lug attached to the centre pipe portion and movement of this part beyond its design deflection is restrained. In order to obtain maximum control from these devices, the stops are usually oriented to lie in the plane of resultant movement of the expansion joint, affording maximum leverage as well as greater sensitivity to small movement. Devices of this nature are usually furnished by the manufacturer dependent upon the design characteristics of the expansion joint. Its use is sometimes precluded by the configuration of the piping, the operating conditions or even by manufacturing and transportation limitations. It may be undesirable or impossible to fabricate, ship to the job site and install a universal expansion joint which would span the full length of the offset where, for example, the length of the offset leg in a Z bend is extremely long. When the expansion joint is very long in relation to its diameter, the flexibility of overall bars may reduce the effectiveness of the control so that the centre pipe section becomes unstable. other types of expansion joints may offer a more desirable solution when such limits are encountered.

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